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Mother, son gun possession case adjourned once more

Mother, son gun possession case adjourned once more


The prosecution will have to get its house in order by March 13th with regard to the gun and ammunition charges against Ophelia Roberts of Largo Heights.{{more}}

Roberts and her eight-year-old son were before the Serious Offences Court on Friday, February 20, when Prosecutor Inspector Nigel Butcher asked the court for a three-week adjournment so that he could hold discussions with Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams in relation to the case.

This request was greeted with very strong objection by defence counsel Joseph Delves, who told the court that Ophelia had suffered tremendous fallout at her place of employment due to the charges she was facing.

“We are vehemently opposed to any further delay,” Delves said.

He even suggested that the case be stood down to allow the Prosecutor to confer with the DPP, who was in the court for a different matter.

The charges pertain to a .22 revolver which was found at Kingstown Government School on Monday, October 15, 2007. Robert’s son attends that school.

Delves told the court that after the weapon was found at the school, Roberts was suspended from her job, firstly with pay, and later, in May of 2008, she was suspended without pay “because of the pending court charges.”

He accused the Prosecution of abusing the process of the court.

While agreeing that the prosecution had had ample time to hold discussions with the DPP in this matter, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young, however, noted that even though Roberts was charged on December 19, 2008, the adjournment request was “well within the guidelines.”

As she made her ruling making March 13 the final date of adjournment, the Chief Magistrate reminded the prosecutor that the matter doesn’t just affect Ophelia Roberts, but also her son, who stood in his uniform next to his mother in the defendant’s box in court.

“We are not just dealing with an adult. We are dealing with a little boy,” she said.

Ophelia Roberts is currently on $14,000 bail and is charged with the possession of a .22 revolver, 95 rounds of .22 ammunition, two rounds of 7.62 ammunition, and 10 rounds of other ammunition, all without a licence.

She pleaded not guilty to all the charges. (KJ)