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Mother and daughter face murder charge

Mother and daughter  face murder charge


Things went from bad to worse for a mother and daughter of Redemption Sharpes on Monday at the Serious Offences Court.{{more}}

Marilyn Wilkins, 42, and her 25-year-old daughter Kawana Wilkins learned that the charge of aiding and abetting in a murder that had been slapped against them had been changed to murder.

Prosecutor Inspector Nigel Butcher informed the court of the prosecution’s decision at the start of the Preliminary Inquiry. The prosecutor indicated that he received certain instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions about the change of the charge.

Both women are jointly charged along with Anthony Lavia, 32, and Kasanke James for the murder of Jason Charles, 30, of Redemption Sharpes, on May 11, 2008.

Defence Lawyer Ronald Marks had objected to the adjournment requested from Butcher stating that the matter had been going on for far too long. Marks said that the prosecution does not need such a long time to complete the matter and that it should be completed in one week.

Another matter that Marks is concerned about is the fact that Wilkins (Kawana) recently gave birth and that he is worried about the safety and welfare of the child. It is not clear whether Wilkins has the child with her at Fort Charlotte where the female prisoners are housed. “This child is going to suffer inconvenience. We need to get this matter started,” Marks said.

The Prosecutor indicated to Chief Magistrate Sonya Young that a total of 12 witnesses would be called to give evidence in the matter.

The adjournment was, however, granted and the matter should be completed by January 23, 2009, when the four defendants will return to court.