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Thief breaks leg during Ratho Mill burglary

Thief breaks leg during Ratho Mill burglary


Anthony Bowens is already experiencing some punishment for wrong doing. Bowens, 45, of Diamond, who jumped from the window of a three storey building and suffered a broken leg, pleaded guilty on Wednesday at the Serious Offences to entering the house of Dr Norris Ryan, of Ratho Mill and the United Kingdom, on October 19, 2008, and stealing a quantity of items amounting to $16,368.{{more}}

The items included: a microwave oven, a stove, packs of sugar, a glass table, a small fridge, mattresses, a television set, a radio and toilet soap.

However, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young requested that Bowens’ antecedence be presented to the court to assist her with proper sentencing, and she adjourned the matter to Thursday.

Information surfacing at the court stated that caretaker of Ryan’s house, Dr Ellsworth Charles, went to the house to replace a broken windowpane around 5pm on October 19. Charles secured the house after he had finished and left.

The following day, Charles received certain information around 7:30am in relation to Ryan’s house. Charles went to the Calliaqua Police Station and reported the matter. Police officers accompanied Charles to Ryan’s premises, only to meet Bowens there. Apparently recognising the police presence, Bowens jumped from a window and sustained a broken leg.

Under caution, Bowens replied: “I get into the house by breaking a window on the third floor.” Bowens told the officers that he had already carried some of the items to the Edinboro and Ottley Hall areas.

Only a small quantity of the items was recovered in good condition. Police also stated that they have information about some of the other items and are in the process of recovering them. (KW)