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Four months for weed


Both Chief Magistrate Sonia Young and State Prosecutor Station Sergeant Butcher were wondering why Lamont Lyscott was leaning on the walls of Her Majesty’s Prison with a controlled drug in his possession.{{more}}

Lyscott was sentenced to four months on the other side of the same walls on Wednesday, after he pleaded guilty to the charge of having in his possession 356 grams of marijuana with the intent to supply to another.

The Serious Offences Court heard that on July 15th, the 26 year old laborer was seen leaning of the walls of the 136 year old institution by Corporal 288 Samuel.

When Lyscott recognized the officer, he began behaving suspiciously, and wandered into the nearby China Town Convenience Store.

Corporal Samuel approached the accused and requested a search of the defendant’s person and a blue knapsack.

The marijuana was found in a black plastic bag in the said knapsack.

When questioned about the find, Lyscott responded “Officer ah weed and ah mine.”

He was then arrested and charged.

After laying the sentence on Lyscott, Young wondered aloud why the Old Montrose resident might have been at that location with the drugs.

Police Prosecutor Butcher also queried its intended destination.

Just about one month ago, Lyscott was before the Chief Magistrate on a similar offense; he was fined $400 to be paid in one month, or spend two months in prison, for 29 grams of marijuana.