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‘Wizzy’ Bramble pleads guilty

‘Wizzy’ Bramble pleads guilty


On July 3, Fitz-Allan “Wizzy” Bramble will know his fate when he is to be sentenced on three criminal charges at the High Court.

Bramble pleaded guilty at the Criminal Assizes on Monday to robbery, wounding with intent and unlawful use of a firearm.{{more}}

On June 17, 2006, at Redemption Sharpes, bakery owner Wendell Antrobus had just received the proceeds of the day’s sales when he was attacked by masked men at about 9pm. A bullet was fired at him as he was told to pass the cash. The proprietor said he started running when two other shots were fired at him, one hitting worker Rueben Wynne is his left arm.

Antrobus ran and threw the money on the ground as the masked man tried to grab it. He said that he jumped on the man and grabbed the hand with the gun. One of Antrobus’ sons arrived on the scene and held the masked man and unmasked him, which revealed Bramble’s face. When Antrobus went to retrieve his money amounting to $3,454, a second masked man hit him a severe blow to the head as he wrestled with the first masked man. The second masked man made off with the money.

Before police could arrive on the scene, Bramble received a sound beating from the Redemption Sharpes’ residents.

The other defendant, Kimron McDowall, who had been jointly charged with Bramble, was gunned down earlier this year in Redemption Sharpes.