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Chief Magistrate blasts Williams


Chief Magistrate Sonya Young made it clear that she had enough of Lawyer Arthur Williams at the Serious Offences Court on Monday, and stated: “Enough is enough.”

Chief Magistrate Young had just finished passing down a sentence for a drug offence when Williams, who wasn’t involved in the matter, got up and said, “$1000 fine for what?” At that point, the Magistrate interjected and stated that she did not want to hear him at that time.{{more}}

Williams ignored the Chief Magistrate and continued to comment on her sentencing, stating that such a small quantity of cannabis did not deserve such a large fine. Young told Williams that he was undermining her sentence and that he should address her at another time. “All of us have a duty to perform and mine is different from yours. I am not opposed to advice, but not now,” stated Young.

Moments later, in another matter involving Williams, Magistrate Young reached her boiling when she stormed out of the courtroom during the sitting. Young had repeatedly told Williams not to disclose certain information in a case but he persisted and blurted out the information, which caused Young to leave her seat.

The Chief Magistrate returned about two minutes later and the court resumed as usual.