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Vincy fugitive caught

Vincy fugitive caught


Jeremy Riley, who had been reported by Searchlight on May 9 to have absconded the jurisdiction while out of jail on bail, was nabbed in Martinique earlier this week by law authorities there.{{more}}

Riley fled the country in the middle of his criminal trial at the Serious Offences Court. The 23-year-old Edinboro resident was slapped with three charges, including possession of one 9mm firearm pistol, attempt to discharge a firearm at Ewert ‘Ells’ King, of Pembroke, on November 21, and preventing lawful apprehension of himself under the firearms Act on November 21 last year, at Rose Place.

As a result of his absence at the trial, Riley’s bail surety Roxanne Brudy had her car impounded by the court after she could not give an account of Riley’s whereabouts. His bail was set at $9,000 and Chief Magistrate Sonya Young ordered that Brudy be given a month to fork over the money to the court or the car will become the property of the state.

Brudy had explained to the court that she and Riley came to an understanding that he will live with her until the end of the trial. She further stated an argument developed between her and Riley a week prior and that he left the house and has not been seen or heard from again.

Riley is expected to be turned over to local authorities soon.