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Second chance for man


Everyone deserves a second chance in life, and that’s exactly what Dwayne Jacobs got. {{more}}

Jacobs, 18, of Ottley Hall, was released on a burglary charge after the virtual complainant, Alicia John, decided under oath not to go any further with the matter against the teen last Monday at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

John, a security guard by profession, spoke about the crime situation in the country and said that everyone deserves a second chance. “I know what is going on with the young men in society,” stated John. She was not, however, sure of her decision earlier when she had stated that she would like the matter to proceed. She then changed her mind.

The court heard that Jacobs went into John’s home and stole items valued at over $500. John caught the defendant in her McKies Hill home and held him by his shirt and struck him with a vase. He managed to escape through the front door and was heading for the back of the house when Jacobs went through the back door and fired a big stone, which caught him. It was not until several days later when John saw the defendant that she contacted the police.

Chief Magistrate Donald Browne described Jacobs as a disgusting thief who needed to look for a legitimate job. “You are a young, stupid thief. Why don’t you stop entering people’s place and get a job? If you can’t find one, go and catch crabs and sell them,” Browne recommended.

In front of a packed courtroom, Browne demanded that Jacobs offer John an apology. “I’m sorry Ms John for going into your house and taking your stuff and I thank you for giving me a chance,” Jacobs said in a scared voice. (KW)