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Woman’s car seized as defendant absconds

Woman’s car seized as defendant absconds


Roxanne Brudy experienced a living nightmare on Monday at the Serious Offences Court when she had her Toyota Corolla impounded. She has been given one month to come up with $9,000 or the car will be forfeited.{{more}} She was placed in this position when Jeremy Riley, who she stood bail for, did not show up for court.

Brudy stood the $9,000 bail for the 23-year-old Riley who had been slapped with three charges, including possession of one 9mm firearm pistol, attempting to discharge a firearm at Ewert ‘Ells’ King of Pembroke on November 21, and preventing lawful apprehension of himself under the firearms Act on November 21 last year at Rose Place.

Riley was scheduled to appear at the Court on Monday for the summation of the Preliminary Inquiry, but was nowhere to be found.

When Brudy took the stand to give an account of Riley’s whereabouts, she couldn’t say where he was. Brudy explained to Chief Magistrate Sonya Young that she and Riley made a deal that once he got bail, he would stay at her house until the case was finished. Brudy said that last week Thursday, she and Riley got into an argument and she has not seen him since.

She further explained that she informed Riley’s attorney that she wanted to turn in the bail bond, but was told that she had to wait until she gets to court to do so.

Bertram Stapleton, Riley’s lawyer, asked the court if Brudy could be given some time to sell the car. Magistrate Young said that if she could come up with the money within the one-month period, the vehicle would be released. Young also warned Brudy about the seriousness of bailing someone. “You have learned a lesson. You’ll think next time before signing bail for someone,” the Magistrate said.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Riley may have absconded the jurisdiction. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest.