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380 imprisoned


The population at Her Majesty’s Prison now stands at 380.

A report read by Chief Prison Officer Brendan Charles at the end of the criminal assizes on Wednesday showed that the number was only reduced by a mere three, as the last count in September 2007 showed figures of 383.{{more}}

Of the 380, 18 males are awaiting trial on murder charges, 15 await Preliminary Investigation on murder charges. The number of males sentenced by the High Court stands at 130 while the Magistrates Court sentenced 164.

There is a total of 12 non-nationals serving sentence and eight awaiting trial. Meanwhile, two other foreigners are awaiting deportation. The batch includes Trinidadians, Guyanese, Grenadians, Barbadians, Nigerians and a South African.

Six females were sentenced by the High Court and four by the Magistrates Court.

Daniel Dick Trimmingham is the only person on death row. (KW)