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Williams to stand trial

Williams to stand trial


There is a well-worn saying that a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young on Monday committed Barbadian murder accused Anderson Williams to stand trial in the High Court at its next sitting.{{more}}

Williams was arrested and charged in connection with causing the death of Sean Baptiste on March 1, last year, at Ottley Hall.

When the Preliminary Investigations began at the Serious Offences Court on March 4, Williams represented himself, having little or no knowledge about the justice system.

With the aid of an exercise book, a pen, and witness statements, Williams cross-examined several of the nine witnesses called by the prosecution. It was clear at times during the P.I that Williams was having trouble understanding the workings of the court.

When the prosecution, led by Station Sergeant Nigel Butcher, closed its case at 11:35am, Williams told Magistrate Young that he wanted to enter a no case submission. Young, seemingly surprised by Williams’ request said, “It is very rare an accused man who represents himself wants to do a no-case submission.”

Williams, flipping through pages of his exercise book, said that none of the prosecution witnesses were able to put him at the scene of the crime, linking him to the murder. Williams also sought to challenge one of the witnesses in the matter, stating that his statements given to the police was questionable. “In my opinion, that witness was hostile and his statement is questionable,” stated the towering Anderson.

Williams, also a fugitive, is wanted in Barbados in connection with four homicides and a spate of armed robberies. Police also confirmed that Williams has admitted to two of the murders in Barbados. (KW)