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Not guilty plea changed


After spending about three weeks behind bars without being able to get someone to bail him, Jamarlo Dunbar had a sudden change of heart at the Serious Offences Court on Monday and changed his not guilty plea to guilty.{{more}}

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young fined the youngster $200 to be paid in one month or spend one month at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Dunbar, a labourer, of Rillan Hill, was arrested and charged on March 11 with having in his possession 26 grams of cannabis, to which he pleaded not guilty the first time he appeared in court.

The court heard that on the date in question, the defendant was in Campden Park when he was met by police near an abandoned building among a group of men.

Officers approached him and requested a search, during which they found a plastic bag in his pants pocket containing marijuana. He denied ownership of the drug.(KW)