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Prosecutor aware of ugly ‘monster’


Prosecutor at the Serious Offences Court Station Sergeant Nigel Butcher has caught sight of an ugly monster that in recent times has been surfacing its head at the court.{{more}}

Butcher aired his view about what he sees as an “ugly trend” developing, where persons who made reports against others for robbery at gunpoint come to court not wanting to offer any evidence in the matters.

Station Sergeant Butcher was at the time addressing a robbery matter, which involved three men who were accused of robbing another man at gunpoint. One of the lawyers for the accused told the court that the virtual complainant in the matter said he did not wish to offer any evidence in the matter.

“If we are talking about trends, persons are coming here and reporting of robberies at gunpoint, then come to court and not offering any evidence. It seems like they are running a mockery of the court. This has to stop,” Butcher stated.

The ace prosecutor said that these persons who wish not to proceed with the matters are wasting the court’s time. “It makes the system look weak and as if justice is not taking its rightful course,” he added.

Just over two weeks ago Collin Williams, of Questelles, took the witness box and stated that he did not wish to carry on any further with a robbery matter, causing it to be dismissed from accused Stephen Scott. Williams had made a report alleging that Scott robbed him at gunpoint on December 20, 2007.

On that same day, another robbery victim, Stephen Badnock, also stated that he did not wish to carry on with the matter against Scott after he had reported that he had been robbed at gunpoint on December 20, last year. That charge was also dismissed.