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$10k bail for robbery accused

$10k bail for robbery accused


Three men are now out on $10,000 bail each after pleading not guilty to a robbery charge.{{more}}

Jorome Clarke, 26, of Dorsetshire Hill, Dorreal Browne, 21, and Michael McKie, 21, both of Long Wall, were arrested and charged with robbing Raffique Hackshaw of Canouan on March 25 at Paul Over.

Information reaching the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday stated that the men, armed with a gun robbed Hacksaw of $220 and a Motorola cellular phone.

Prosecutor Station Sergeant Nigel Butcher strongly objected to bail, citing that the gun used in the alleged robbery was still at large. Butcher also pointed to the fact that there is a proliferation of guns in this country, which he said the court was highly aware of. The prosecutor further mentioned that the alleged offence took place at night and feared that if bail were given that they would abscond.

Attorney Bertram Stapleton brought to Chief Magistrate Sonya Young’s attention that his clients had been arrested since Tuesday, March 25, and charged on the 28th, but weren’t brought to court until Tuesday this week. Stapleton accused the police of acting as Magistrate, keeping them in custody for such a long period. “Police cannot have people detained for so long before bringing them to court. This needs to be solved,” he said. Magistrate Young quickly intervened and told Stapleton that the police would not act in that manner.

Stapleton further added that the virtual complainant in the matter, who was present in court, said he did not wanted to go any further with the matter. Butcher said that they could not confirm whether the virtual complainant said that and the matter would have to be ventilated when the P.I. starts on June 11. Butcher also stated that it was not the virtual complainant’s say in the matter but that the decision lies with the prosecution to accept what the virtual complainant says.

The men’s bail conditions include surrendering their travel documents, reporting to the Central Police Station between 4 & 7pm and a 9pm – 6am curfew. (KW)