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One pound costs Bowens $900


Twenty-year-old Kenol Bowens found himself on the wrong side of the law on Tuesday when he was brought before the Serious Offences Court on drug possession charges.{{more}}

Bowens, 26, a labourer of Calliaqua, pleaded guilty to having 809 grams (1.7 pounds) of cannabis in his possession on March 22, 2008. Chief Magistrate Sonya Young fined Bowens $900 to be paid in one month or he would spend six months at her Majesty’s Prison.

It was stated that around 3:10 pm, police officers from the Calliaqua Police Station were conducting a stop and search operation when mini bus “Top Sider” was stopped in the area of the Basketball Court.

The defendant was asked to step out the van and a search conducted on his luggage found a black plastic bag which contained five taped packages containing the marijuana substance.

When asked by Young what he was going to do with the drug, Bowens told the court that he was going to sell it.