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Drug fine or jail for 17-year old


On Monday at the Serious Offences Court, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young fined Michael Jackson, 17, a labourer of Cane Garden $1700, after he pleaded guilty to having 1816 grams (four pounds) of cannabis with intent to supply to another on March 15, 2008. He was given four months to pay the fine or spend nine months in prison.

The lanky lad, who looked as if he was in tears, told the Magistrate that he was living on his own and that he sells drugs to support himself.

Information surfacing at the court indicated that around 11:30am on the date in question, police officers from the Criminal Investigations Department were on mobile patrol in the Long Wall area when the defendant was seen walking along the public road with a bag over his shoulder. Apparently recognising the police presence, Jackson ran but was subsequently caught by the officers.

A search carried out on Jackson’s bag found three taped packages in it. The packages were cut open in his presence and found to contain plant material resembling cannabis. A fourth package was also found in his pants waist containing cannabis.

Upon cautioning the defendant, he said, “Is my weed and I bring them from Leeward.”

The baby face Jackson further told the magistrate that he was forced to live on his own because the man who his mother is in a relationship with does not like him.

Chief Magistrate Young told Jackson that it was a lot of marijuana and wanted to know how he was going to pay the fine. Jackson told the Chief Magistrate that before selling drugs he was employed at National Properties and that he quit the job after a while. “Why did you quit the job; you were earning an honest living? People must learn to earn an honest living. Go and find a honest job,” Young advised. (KW)