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‘Stay Cool’ to learn of fate in death of teen


April 7, 2008, is the day on which Kellis “Stay Cool” Thomas will know if he has to stand trial in the High Court for causing the death of Shanika Roban, 16 years old, of Chester Cottage, on August 16, 2007.{{more}}

Roban was killed on the spot when a Nissan Terrano jeep, PB 794, which Thomas was driving, slammed into the home of Cecil Alvis, of Byera. Thomas and another occupant of the vehicle, Ricky Pinder, were badly damaged during the ordeal.

The Preliminary Inquiry into the matter continued on Monday at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown.

The Prosecution, led by Station Sergeant Nigel Butcher, has so far called a total of five witnesses. Butcher told the court that the prosecution intends to call four more witnesses.

A post mortem carried out on Roban by Surgical Pathologist Dr Ronald Child revealed that she died from multiple injuries caused by the vehicular accident.

For moments at a time, Thomas picked a spot in the ceiling and stared at it. The Georgetown resident’s defence attorney, Ronald Marks, strongly objected to the prosecution’s application for an adjournment. Marks said that it was the second time a final adjournment was given by the court. “I came to court today expecting to finish this P. I., and I ask the court not to grant another adjournment,” stated Marks.

Marks also highlighted that the prosecution had ample time in which to prepare their case and have all their witnesses present. However, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young rejected Marks’ application. (KW)