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‘Jaunders’ walks free


Dale “Jaunders eye” Frederick walked away a free man from the High Court on Tuesday when two important prosecution witnesses failed to turn up for the case.{{more}}

When Hezron Edwars and Clement Patterson did not turn up, the prosecution offered no further no evidence in the matter and Frederick was free to leave.

Frederick, 47 of Petit Bordel, was charged with possession of a 12 gauge shot gun, wounding with intent and for possession of a 12-gauge shotgun with the intention of endangering the life of 23-year-old Clement Patterson. He was also charged with wounding Hezron Edwards, 18 of Fitz Hughes. The incident was said to have taken place on November 13, 2006.

In a SEARCHLIGHT interview with Edwards on November 11, 2006 that same year, he said he and his friend Clement Patterson were taking some food for someone at the time of the incident. He recalled meeting Frederick sitting and talking with another man when he started threatening to shoot them.

Edwards then said that Frederick got up from where he was sitting, pulled a shotgun, placed a bullet in it and pointed the gun at Patterson threatening to shoot them both.

He added that another man by the name of “Greenz” came and told Frederick to behave himself, which he ignored. A fight for the gun ensued between the two men, at which point, Edwards was shot in the foot. Edwards said after he got shot, Frederick dropped the gun and fled the scene.(KW)