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Acting CJ Sir Brian Alleyne retires

Acting CJ Sir Brian Alleyne retires


It was a sad day for Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court when one of their stalwarts sat on the bench for the last time.{{more}}

The Honourable Chief Justice (AG) of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Sir Brian Alleyne was retiring. In Alleyene’s honour, a special sitting was held at the High Court on Monday at the start of the Court of Appeal.

The courtroom was packed with barristers who turned out to pay tribute to Alleyene.

The man of the hour said it was indeed an honour to serve in St Vincent and he would never forget the support he received from the legal fraternity and the Government.

Since he began his law practice in 1967, the Dominican, who described himself as a regionalist, said he lived here, in St Lucia and Grenada.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Alleyne said that the day brought forth feelings of sadness yet satisfaction. “I feel a sense of sadness because it’s a break off from what I love,” stated Alleyne.

After his retirement, which becomes effective at the end of April, the Vincentian citizen, who described his stint here as “one of the best”, said he plans on getting involved in other professional activities with his Vincentian wife of 41 years, Brenda McMillan whom he described as St Vincent’s most precious gift.

In 1996, he was appointed High Court Judge in Grenada, then was transferred to this country in 2002 until he left for St Lucia serving in the capacity as Court of Appeal judge for the past four years.

Alleyne also commended the police officers whom he said were always courteous and professional, and said he regarded them as some of the best in the jurisdiction. He urged the members of the bar to continue to be committed and professional about their job.

Addressing the special sitting, Parnel Campbell QC said that Alleyne was extremely helpful to the bar especially with the young practitioners.

Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams also made a few comments on Alleyne’s departure. He said that it was overwhelming to him to address such an occasion. Williams said that the first time he appeared as a prosecutor was at the time Alleyne was sitting as a judge.

Williams said that Alleyene showcased his judicial qualities over the years and that is something that he will always be remembered for.