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Woman fined $1500 for drug possession


Nearly ten years has elapsed since Mary Pompey last had a brush with the law; her good record was ruined on Tuesday.{{more}}

Pompey, 58, a shopkeeper of Richland Park, was brought before the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday and fined $1500 for having 12 grams of cocaine in her possession, after pleading guilty to the charge.

The facts in the matter state that on February 4, 2008, a party of police officers went to Pompey’s home at around 8:40pm in respect of controlled drugs.

Pompey was met with a black plastic bag in her hand, which was searched in her presence.

The search revealed 31 packages containing a white substance. She admitted they belonged to her.

“Please have mercy pon me. Ah have cancer in me breast and ah have to tek operation,” begged Pompey.

Magistrate Young said she was embarrassed by Pompey’s behaviour. “You are an old woman. Why are you doing this?” asked Young.

Pompey was previously convicted for cocaine possession in 1998.