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Ballantyne awaits his fate

Ballantyne awaits his fate


Sixteen year-old Nelson Ballantyne will know his fate on February 19, when he is to be sentenced for gun possession.{{more}}

The Sandy Bay resident pleaded guilty to having one shotgun in his possession on February 3, 2008, at Sandy Bay.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young deferred the youngster’s sentence awaiting a probation report.

The facts in the matter stated that the police went to the defendant’s home and met Vandyke Sutherland, who told the officers that the gun was at a neighbour’s home.

They went to retrieve the gun, and the Sutherland told the officers that Ballantyne had given him the gun to give the neighbour.

When Ballantyne was caught, he told the police that he went fishing and found the gun. That, however, was not what he told the Chief Magistrate. He said that he had the gun to secure himself when he goes to plant marijuana.(KW)