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Martiniquan pilot nabbed at Airport with ammo, cocaine


January 1, 2008, saw one Martiniquan pilot in police custody and facing two criminal charges.

When 51-year-old Alain Fanchette appeared at the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to having one .38 ammunition without a license and one gram of cocaine.{{more}}

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young fined Fanchette $500 forthwith for the ammunition or six months imprisonment, and another $500 forthwith for the cocaine or a further six-month custodial sentence.

Information reaching the court stated that Fanchette arrived in the state the same day on his aircraft and was leaving at 5:55pm. While checking with security personnel in the departure area at the E.T Joshua Airport, a search conducted on him found the ammunition and cocaine. He was cautioned and replied, “Officer, it is a fake, please give me a chance.” Fanchette was cautioned again at the Criminal Investigations Department and admitted to the offence.

Fanchette’s lawyer Joseph Delves said that his client had the bullet in his pocket as a lucky charm, since it could no longer be used.

A deportation order was also made against Fanchette.(KW)