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Sheep thief jailed


Casil Hector, a resident of Spring Village, will spend two years behind bars, after pleading guilty to stealing one brown ewe sheep valued at $300 belonging to Frank Joshua of Spring Village.{{more}}

Reports indicate that the 21-year-old labourer committed the offence between 12:50 pm and 3:15 pm on Saturday, December 2.

The Court heard that Joshua was sitting in Cumberland when he saw a van that usually visits the village to purchase animals approaching him. The driver of the vehicle then stopped and asked him where he could purchase some animals. During the short conversation with the driver, Joshua said he saw his sheep at the back of the vehicle. When asked where he bought the sheep, the driver said he purchased it from Hector.

“You have to go to prison, and it’s for two years,” Senior Magistrate Donald Browne told Hector Monday. (SB)