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Barrouallie burglar caught napping


While most burglars are known for breaking into someone’s property and quickly leaving, it was not so for Christopher La Borde of Barrouallie who fell asleep and is now paying the price for it.{{more}}

When he appeared before Senior Magistrate Donald Browne at the Kingstown Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, December 4, LaBorde was required to pay $505 in compensation for stealing a watch, some money, and a Motorola phone in one month or he will spend three years in prison.

He also pleaded guilty to having 2 rounds of ammunition without licence, and has to pay $7,500 in two months or spend five years in prison for that offence.

“I didn’t really go there to steal, sir. I just go to have a rest,” La Borde told Browne. “I was out liming with some friends and I have a over hang,” he stated.

According to reports, the police found La Borde at the complainant’s home. When he was searched, he was found with the money and the two rounds of ammunition.

La Borde informed the Court that he took the ammunition because he liked them. “I just see them and ah like them, sir. I like the way they look.”

The 22-year-old construction worker pleaded with Browne to fine him because he has a one-month old

baby to support and the child’s mother is unemployed.

“Every minute they come to the Court they want to fool the Court about they have a child. I have seven babies, and is not the man who has the child, is the woman who have the baby,” Browne told La Borde. “I don’t want to hear that excuse. “How will you maintain a baby if you have to pay $200,000?” Browne asked. “That will make you a real thief,” Browne continued.

Browne pointed out to La Borde that any person found guilty of having in his possession ammunition without licence is liable to seven years in prison or a fine of $200,000.

“Can you pay $200,000 if I charge you a fine?” Browne asked him.

“Yeah, sir, just give me some time to pay the fine,” he replied.

La Borde’s father also begged the Magistrate to fine his son and they would try to pay it, as he has some animals that he could sell. (SB)