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Acting Magistrate: You lucky I can’t deal with you


He said all he wanted was to get his daughter a computer, but instead, Desmond Baptiste ended up going on a stealing spree last week, stealing over $10,352.95 worth of items from Carlos Williams’ store.{{more}}

Baptiste, who pleaded guilty to the offences, was charged with entering the store belonging to Carlos Williams as a trespasser on November 22, and stealing 40 different bottles of colognes valued at $4502, 1 stereo, 2 pairs of Silver Earrings, 4 silver heart bracelets, 7 silver earrings with pendants, 4 silver heart chains, 12 sterling bangles, 1 watch set, and 2 pairs of safe T-Step sneakers. He was also charged with damaging one cash register valued at $700 and 1 glass door valued at $550.

The 40-year-old labourer of Sandy Bay, also pleaded guilty to entering Saunders and Huggins law firm and stealing a quantity of items valued at $1,105 belonging to Stephen Huggins of Queen’s Drive, 2 bottles of cream belonging to Paula Delves of Cane Garden valued at $65, 2 bags of camphor balls valued at $4 and one Motorola phone valued at $600 belonging to Kathy-Ann Noel. He was also charged with stealing one pair of slippers valued at $15, 11 exercise books valued at $7.95 and one walkman valued at $200 belonging to Monique Conliffe of Kingstown.

“You lucky that I can’t deal with you,” Magistrate Stephen Huggins told Baptiste on Monday, when he deferred his sentencing.

In objecting to bail, Station Sergeant Nigel Butcher said that this is a very serious matter and some of the items had not yet been recovered. (SB)