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“Wizzy” walks again

“Wizzy” walks again


Acquitted on September 11, 2007 of murder, 23-year-old Redemption Sharpes resident, Fitz-Allan “Wizzy” Bramble was again acquitted on Tuesday, this time on five charges.{{more}}

After about an hour of deliberation, the nine member mixed jury returned a not guilty verdict on each count.

Bramble was acquitted on two separate charges of wounding Timothy Caine and Sudah Ashton with intent, attempted robbery and two charges of unlawful use of a firearm.

It was alleged that Bramble entered Knights Enterprise at Sion Hill in broad daylight and shot two employees in a failed robbery attempt.

As he was being led back to Her Majesty’s Prison awaiting another trial, Bramble uttered, “The Lord is my shepherd.”

Sudah Ashton, who was shot in her jaw, testified that the gunman came up to her and pointed the gun at her demanding cash. She said she could not recognize the man’s face because he was wearing a mask and a long sleeved black shirt. However, Ashton said that she glimpsed his complexion when he pressed the gun against her face, and part of his wrist was revealed.

Timothy Caine, who was shot twice, did not give evidence in the matter but medical reports were submitted of the injuries he sustained.

Bramble’s girlfriend at the time, Mackeeda Samuel told the court that at about 7:00 a.m. on the day in question, she went downstairs to her bedroom and saw Bramble dressed in a three quarter length pair of camouflage pants and a red t-shirt. Samuel said Bramble had a gun and a knapsack and told her he was going to Sion Hill.

Samuel said she did not see Bramble again until after 12 noon, while in the KFC area of Grenville Street. She said he told her that he had just shot two persons at Sion Hill.

Samuel said she visited Ashton in the hospital two days after and offered to assist her with the matter because she did not like what happened.

In Bramble’s evidence, he said that he was at home with Samuel and decided to leave home around 9 a.m. to play soccer at the park nearby. Bramble said he returned home about midday and never journeyed to Sion Hill.

Bramble said it was not until he was in prison on another matter in June last year, that he heard talk of Samuel having a relationship with someone else and broke up with her. Bramble said Samuel only wanted to get back at him because he did not want to take her back.

Bramble said Samuel tried communicating to him continuously through visits and letters, but said he wanted nothing to do with her and that he did not want to see her.

Bramble’s defence attorney, Bertram Stapleton argued that there was no way that his client could have been in Sion Hill after midday when he was in Sharpes playing soccer.(KW)