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Former ambassador’s daughter among six women fined for ganja


The daughter of this country’s former Ambassador to the United Nations has been found guilty of marijuana possession.{{more}}

Lindsay Ferrari, daughter of Margaret Hughes-Ferrari was one of six women who were hauled before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday to answer charges of possessing the illegal herb.

It seems as if the women took Jamaican performer Buju Banton literally when he performed his hit song, “Gimme de weed” last Saturday evening at the Victoria Park. The six were arrested following searches conducted at the entrance to the park.

The 23-year-old Ferrari, a resident of Prospect, was found with five grams of the drug and had to pay $100 forthwith.

Jocelyn Olliverre, 37, Office Attendant of Rose Hall was caught with 13 grams of cannabis and pleaded guilty to the charge. She was fined $150 in seven days or will spend three months in jail.

Neka Anthony, 24, of Largo Height and an employee of DiscoveryWorks Legal, was charged with having one gram of cannabis. She pleaded guilty and was fined $100 in seven days or she will spend three months behind bars. Anthony pleaded not guilty at first, but when presiding Magistrate Donald Browne asked if she had the weed, she replied, “It was in my pocket.” Anthony said she found it in a black plastic bag outside, but because it was dark she waited until she got inside the park to see what the bag contained.

Christina Bailey, 23, Domestic of Largo Heights was also charged with having one gram of cannabis in her possession. She pleaded guilty and was fined $50 in seven days or two months in jail. Twenty-eight year-old Chauncey resident Keisha Edwards, who said her cousin gave her the marijuana to hold, was fined $50 forthwith for having one gram of cannabis.

Accountant Janeele Jackson, 23, of Belair has to fork up $150 in seven days or spend three months behind bars.

“It seem as if the music got to your heads,” Magistrate Browne commented. Browne told the women that they were heading down the wrong path and that it was not good for them. “Don’t go down that line, this thing can become a habit,” warned the Magistrate.(KW)