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Fraudster to pay up


Leon DeGrads has until the end of January next year to come up with $7,500, or he stands the chance of going to prison for four years.{{more}}

DeGrads, 32, of New Montrose, pleaded guilty to six counts of forgery on Monday at the High Court during the Criminal Assizes.

The incidents took place between September 27-28, 2001.

The court heard that DeGrads made out withdrawal slips in the name of Brian Patterson, amounting to $7,500.

DeGrads told the Bank of Nova Scotia that Patterson, who was his friend, had got into trouble and he needed the money to bail him.

However, Patterson was at the time sailing on a cruise liner.

“My Lordship, I made a few mistakes in 2001 and I am begging the Court for mercy on me. If you give me some time, I would pay back the money to the bank,” begged DeGrads.

Presiding Judge Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle said that DeGrads was lucky he pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and that he did not waste the Court’s time. “You are walking down a slippery slope. Stop it,” sternly warned the judge.

Along with the compensation to the Bank of Nova Scotia, DeGrads was placed on a four-year $10,000 bond.(KW)