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Couple charged with death of their 14 month old child

Couple charged with death of their 14 month old child


Roxanne John Miguel’s tears flowed freely as Magistrate Simone Churaman read the charge to her of causing the death of her 14-month-old baby daughter Nekeisha Baisden.

Miguel has been jointly charged with her common law husband, Cecil Baisden, both of Largo Height.{{more}}

The couple was not allowed to plead, as the charge is an indictable one. They each were granted bail in the sum of $5000, and are to reappear in court on May 31 for the Preliminary Investigation into the matter.

The court heard that the couple went fishing at the Geest Shed wharf along with the baby and another child. It was said that Miguel made a bed on a trolley with some pieces of cardboard for her and the children to rest on. Baisden is said to have gone out about 250 yards to fish when Miguel and the children fell asleep.

The couple told police that rain started falling and the mother awoke to move the children but then discovered Nekeisha missing. Several attempts were made to locate the child that night but all attempts proved futile. At the break of day the baby’s body was seen at the bottom of the sea.

Baisden and Miguel said that they then went to Rose Place, got a boat and returned to the spot where they had seen the baby but by this time, the toddler was no where in sight.

Police told SEARCHLIGHT that the couple did not report the matter, but argued among themselves about what happened. They then related what happened to Pastor Lemmew Samuel who encouraged them to go to the police. They were both arrested and charged on Monday.

The baby’s body has not been found.