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Two men arrested for stealing three goats


Two farmers in the Kingstown area had their goats, which had gone missing returned to them recently. A third farmer was not so lucky.

On Monday morning at the Serious Offences Court, Carlos Sassine, 19, Businessman of Cane Garden and Dwayne Cozier, 21, Labourer of Rockies had three charges of theft dismissed after they had been charged with stealing three goats.{{more}}

The charges were dismissed when the virtual complainants in the matters failed to appear at the court for the cases to be tried.

The duo had been charged with stealing one brown and white ewe goat from Burton Knights of Green Hill, valued at $250 on March 24,2007. They were also charged with stealing a brown and white ewe goat valued at $300 from Wayne Crichton of Cane Garden between March 22-23, 2007. Another ewe goat was stolen from Joel Burke of Arnos Vale, which was valued at $150.

The two are said to have used Sasssine’s vehicle and driven from area to area picking up the goats and placing them in the vehicle. Acting on information received, Police went to Cozier’s house and found the three goats. Unfortunately one had already been killed.