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Four years for gun, ammo possession

Four years for gun, ammo possession


The injury to Feron Roberts’ leg that was causing him immense pain, can in no way compare to the anguish of spending four years at her Majesty’s Prison.

Roberts, 18, of Glen was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to having a .32 semi automatic pistol and one round of .32 ammunition.{{more}}

On March 25, at a Beach Splash in Canouan, the defendant was seen standing close to the main wharf when two Special Services Unit (SSU) officers approached the defendant. When the officers got close to the Roberts, he began to run. While running, Roberts pulled the firearm from his waist and held it in the air and threw it into the sea. He was subsequently caught and after about five minutes of diving by the police, the gun was retrieved. He was cautioned and admitted the gun belonged to him.

This is not Roberts first run in with the law. In 2005 while attending secondary school he was given a three year suspended sentence for possessing a .38 revolver and six rounds of .38 ammunition.