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Guilty Jack gets two years for gun, ammo


Keon Jack now has ample time to reflect on his mistake of breaching the law.

On Monday March 12th at the Serious Offences Court, the 30 year-old Layou labourer was sentenced to two years in jail for having one .38 revolver without a license under the firearm act. A further four months imprisonment was slapped on him for having one round of .32 ammunition. Adding to his woes, he was fined $300 forthwith or spends 21 days in jail.”{{more}}

On March 11, a police officer was travelling in a minibus from Kingstown to Barrouallie when Jack boarded the transport in Layou. While sitting, the officer recognised what appeared to be a firearm handle protruding from Jack’s waist as he was seated.

On reaching Barrouallie, the defendant came off and the officer approached him and requested a search. The unlicensed firearm was found in his waist along with the ammunition. Jack was arrested and charged and taken to the Barrouallie Police Station. Under caution, he said, “Officer ah me friend gimme de gun to sort out something.

While in custody, a search was conducted at his home and 113 grams of cannabis were recovered. He told officers that, “All is my weed, ah man gimme ah smoke.”

Jack told the court that he only took the gun because the barrel was not the right one for the gun and he was going to get it remedied. He also said that he does not sell cannabis but only takes it for his personal use.

Both sentences are to run concurrently.