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Routine stop almost ended fatally for a police officer


One policeman is lucky to be alive today after receiving a stab wound to his chest.

On January 25, 2006 Police Constable 191 David of the Stubbs police station was carrying out his normal duties when he went to the home of Mary Simon of Victoria Village in connection with a report made.{{more}}

Mary Simon had reported that her son Remus Simon, 25-year-old out patient at the Mental Hospital was causing mischief and asked the police to take him to the mental hospital.

Police sources told SEARCHLIGHT that PC David along with other officers went to Simon’s home to grant her request. When the officers got to her home and went into Remus’ room he became enraged and unexpectedly rushed at PC David with a knife and started firing stabs at him. The other officers were able to subdue Simon shortly after the attack.

David received a stab wound to the left side of his chest and was quickly rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he underwent surgery and has since been discharged.

A criminal charge of wounding with intent was brought against Simon, who was remanded to her Majesty’s Prison where he is awaiting trial.