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“No clear case against Bridgewater”

“No clear case against Bridgewater”


“The state doesn’t have a clear case against Vibert Bridgewater in the case against Patrice Bascombe!” This sentiment was expressed by Vynette Frederick, one of the lawyers representing Bridgewater in the Preliminary Inquiry into the charge of “death by reckless driving.”

Frederick, in an interview with the Searchlight Newspaper on Wednesday January 24 said that the prosecution surprisingly in the middle of the proceedings asked for an adjournment. Frederick however opposed that adjournment because she felt that the matter was dragging on.{{more}}

She stated, “ There was no cause of action and they don’t have a case to go forward. Our intention however is to bring a negligence claim against the state in the death of Patrice Bascombe because the family needs closure.”

Fredrick said that as lawyers for the deceased Bascombe, they have, since September 11 2006 been requesting documents related to her care at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. Documents she claimed the parents have not yet received.

“To this date our requests have not even been acknowledged by the Attorney General’s Chambers. We restated our request to get the documents up to yesterday but the manner in which the case was proceeding just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth,” she declared.

Frederick continued, “Today we heard evidence of Patrice’s final hours and justice must not just be done; but must be seen to be done, lets ventilate the matter. We are awaiting the documents from the Attorney General because we know that an inquiry did take place into the death of Patrice Bascombe. The findings are not before us and it seems that they are holding on to the documents, maybe because of what is in them.”

Frederick said that holding up the documents, hinders to an extent how they as lawyers would proceed but she however noted that they have already given the Attorney General Chambers notice of their intention to file a negligence claim against the State.

The inquiry resumes on Thursday February 8.