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Christmas drinks troubles

Christmas drinks troubles


When you hear someone is in possession of a quantity of expensive drinks, the first thing you might perhaps ask is “where is the party?”

Geraldo John, 36, Block builder of Arnos Vale was fined $750 by Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne at the Kingstown Magistrate Court on Tuesday for stealing a quantity of drinks from the “Colors Entertainment Centre” located at Arnos Vale between December 24 and 25 last year.{{more}}

John pled guilty to stealing two cases of Redbull energy drink, half case of Hardpower energy drink, two bottles of Alize, one bottle of Hypnotic, four bottles of strong rum and four bottles of Campari valued at $748 property of Andre Antrobus of Redemption Sharpes.

The court heard that at about 6.45 pm on the 24th, Antrobus secured the building and left the said items in the bar. When he returned the following day at about 11.15 am he noticed that the main door for the bar was open. Antrobus contacted the police whereupon they acted on information and caught the defendant who admitted stealing the items.

When quizzed by Magistrate Browne on the whereabouts of the drinks he mentioned that he had already drunk them and that it was he and two other men who stole the drinks.