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Businessman to errand boy


A man caught transporting drugs can thank his lucky stars that he is not behind bars today.

Napata Louie was instead fined $45,000 to be paid by March 18, 2007 or he will face a prison term of 27 months.

The 27 year-old businessman of Clare Valley pled guilty at the Kingstown Magistrate Court on Monday to having 64,922 grams of cannabis (143 pounds) in his possession with intent to supply on January 28, 2006.{{more}}

Louie was part of a high-speed chase, which involved members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU). At about 4 pm that day, the officers were patrolling the Leeward area. On reaching Lowmans Hill motor vehicle P7070 was seen turning onto another road. The officers became suspicious and followed the vehicle. Apparently recognising the police, Louie sped up and the police gave chase. Louie then turned the vehicle off the main road into the Walker piece area at New Montrose.

Louie finally stopped the vehicle.

The vehicle was searched and several sacks containing marijuana substance were found. He was cautioned and replied “Me think ah bin d ambulance ah follow me, man alyo lock me up alyo ketch me.”

The sum of $3,625 was also found in the vehicle.

Defense attorney for Louie, Ronald Marks said that his client was not the owner of the vehicle and that he was paid to transport the drugs.

“You should count your lucky stars, as a businessman you went and turned yourself into and errand boy,” said Browne.

Attorney Samantha Robertson also represented Louie.