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Woman throws temper tantrum


Inzingho Harry can count her lucky stars not to be sent to Fort Charlotte for contempt of court. The dreadlocks woman threw temper tantrums in the court sitting much to the dislike of Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne.

“You are a stupid woman, why are you behaving like this, young woman this is a court of order.” The 29 year-old Redemption Sharpes resident was sentenced to pay $250 for damaging a rear view mirror belonging to Eddie Defreitas of Brighton. If she does not pay the fine in one month, she would spend six months in prison.{{more}}

On November 2, 2006 the court heard that Defreitas’ truck was in the vicinity of the Coreas lumberyard vicinity when he was reversing. While reversing he struck one of the pole structure where Harry’s shop is located causing it to break.

Defreitas said that he got out the truck and noticed that he had hit the pole and that he would pay for it the following day. Throughout Defreitas’ evidence, Harry rudely interrupted him and was saying, “Speak the truth please, you are a liar that did not happen.” The magistrate calmly asked the woman to lower her temper and wait on her turn to give evidence. Defreitas recalled the woman acting hostile towards him and that she was in deep rage. “She was acting up then all I could see is that she took a bottle and smash it in de rear view mirror and then she tek another one and hit the back window,” he said.

When it was her turn to give an account of the incident she folded her hands and started an arsenal of words towards Defreitas. “You are a loyal drinker of Sunset rum, you are a drunk.” Magistrate Browne quickly intervened, “Please give your evidence to the court, this is a place of order.” Harry calmed her self for a while and said that Defreitas was reversing his truck and people sitting there was signaling him to stop but he did not. “When he struck the pole he got out the truck and kept saying if is baccanal yo want is baccanal yo going to get,” said Harry. She said that she struck the rear view mirror with a “JU-C” bottle because he was behaving rudely towards her after what he did.

Still not satisfied, the 29-year-old mother of ten came out of the defendant’s box while Magistrate Browne was talking, she tore up pictures of her shop and threw them all over the courtroom floor. “You fool, you could be held in contempt of court for what you just did, I can send you to prison for six weeks. Now pick up each piece of paper, you are rude and out of place.”