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Magistrate: You are biting the hand that feeds you

Magistrate: You are biting the hand that feeds you


The energy drink Redbull has become a favourite among many Vincentians, highly sought after at parties or any social function, so highly sought after that Conan Jones saw it appropriate for him to strap six to his legs and walk out of Sunrise Supermarket at Arnos Vale without paying.

A former employee at the Supermarket, the 19 year-old Old Montrose resident avoided a prison sentence after being slapped with a $300 fine to be paid in a month or spend six months in prison.{{more}}

The court heard that on December 6 at about 8:45pm Police Constable 34 Adams was walking along the Arnos Vale public road when he over heard a young man cursing obscene language. The Police held on to the youth and was questioning him. Jones then intervened and tried to get the boy away from the officer when he was arrested for obstruction. A search carried out by the officer revealed six Redbull energy drinks strapped by tape to the young man’s leg.

“You are biting the hands which feed you, you are a stupid young man, if you want to thief, thief something proper” said Magistrate Browne.

The Magistrate even took the time to shower praises on the police officer that caught Jones. “I commend the police officer for catching this idiot.”