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Magistrate lashes out at minibus operator


The local minibus association may soon be getting some sound advice from Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne on how bus drivers are supposed to be attired.

On Monday at the usual sitting of the Kingstown Magistrate Court a man who was brought before the court for driving a vehicle without the proper licence was chided by Browne for his indecent dress code. {{more}}The tall, dreadlocked man who had a huge tear in his pants and was barefoot stood in the defendant’s box with a dull look on his face.

“You are a van driver and this is how you are dressed? I am disgusted by this and highly annoyed by it,” said Browne.

The Magistrate went on to say that any person doing a service for others must present themselves in a more decent way to the public. “If I was a passenger, I would never go in your bus just by the way you are dressed,” He said.