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Former employee charged for stealing


A vigilant eye by the assistant manager of Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket stopped a spate of theft that was occurring in the bakery section at the Supermarket.

Elastine Williams of Rose Place and a former employee at the Supermarket were charged for stealing items including five pounds of flour, five pounds of rice, five pounds of full cream milk among others. She was given one week to pay a $700 fine or stands the chance of spending six months behind bars.{{more}}

On December 9 the complainant went to the Supermarket and positioned himself in the car park. While there, he saw two women exiting the bakery section with two flour sacks. He confronted the women and they revealed that they were not employees of the Supermarket and that Williams gave the items to them.

Williams told the court that her mother was ill with cancer and that she was trying to earn some extra money to help her.

Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne said that he was very sorry to hear about her mother’s sickness but that it did not give her the right to steal. “You do not steal from persons who you are employed with, it is never right,” said Browne.