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Accused claims he suffers from amnesia since incident


Bernard Johnson claims that an incident, which occurred some 21 years ago, causes him to experience amnesia. The Stubbs resident who plies his trade as a cart operator in Kingstown was arrested and charged for stealing a quantity of items valued over $232 from a woman on December 1, 2006. Magistrate Donald Browne sentenced Johnson to six months in prison for his dishonest actions.{{more}}

“Your worship I ain tek d ting dem, it been raining and I leave she ting ah dem by the bus terminal,” explained Johnson.

Information given by the police to the Court on Monday stated that the woman hired the defendant to carry her shopping bags to the Leeward Bus Terminal but Johnson nor her items were to be seen when she arrived at the terminal.

Johnson said that all he did was take her bags to the terminal where it was raining heavily.

“I put down she bag dem and leave dem day till de rain dun, me ain sure if I bin go way.”

Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne told the defendant that he did not believe what he said and he stole the items.

“People are trusting you with their goods and you steal from them,” said Browne. “Yo worship trust me ah na, sometimes me nar even no what ah go on, I dus forget plenty,” said Johnson.

His efforts of asking the Magistrate to give him a period of time to pay the money proved futile.

“Yo honour if yo gimme ah time to pay, ah go mek ah sweat and get back the money.”

Outburst of laughter flooded the courtroom when Johnson said “Well me ain fraid dat I will go round jail, I go satisfy.”

None of the woman’s goods were recovered.