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St Lucian charged $60 for cannabis


St Lucian Kevon Isidore was lucky to get off with just a fine at the Serious Offences Court after he was caught with 19 grams of cannabis on November 28 at Lowmans Hill. He pled guilty to the charge and was fined $60 forthwith with an alternate of three days in prison.

The Court heard that Isidore was seen at the public roadside smoking what appeared to be cannabis. Police officers approached the young man and asked to execute a search on him. The search bore fruit, as a black plastic bag was found in another bag he was carrying. He was cautioned and replied “Ah small ting me ah carry.”{{more}}

Isidore told Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman that he came here on fishing purposes on a boat. He said that the Immigration gave him three weeks in the country and that he had only $300 to last him.

“I also wanted to see the community and different surroundings.”