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‘I smoke to ease stress’

‘I smoke to ease stress’


“Your honour I does only smoke cocaine to ease the stress,” this was the testimony labourer Noel Bushay gave in his defence at the Serious Offences Court where he was charged for being in possession of three rocks of cocaine on November 7 2006.

Police, who were in search of Bushay for an outstanding charge where he had to pay $400, discovered him at a Montrose residence, where he was searched and a matchbox with three rocks of cocaine was found in his pants pocket.{{more}}

Bushay pleaded with the Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman to understand that he had three children to support and did not want to go to jail. He claimed that he was not selling the illegal drug was rather using it to relax.

“Yo honour, I does only tek a little pull now and then to ease the frustration in the world. I don’t sell it yo honour, de coke does only meck me control me self,” he begged.

The labourer who gave his defence without a lawyer was given until Thursday November 30 to pay $150 or face 14 days in jail.

Bushay also has to pay the outstanding $400 fine against him.