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Teenager forgiven twice for wounding


It is often said that conflict between persons can always be settled in a civilized manner no matter the gravity of the offence. And on Wednesday a sitting of the Serious Crimes Court, bore testimony to this fact.

Dominick Small, 17, of Campden Park was forgiven on two occasions the same day for wounding charges. He was charged on August 1, 2006 for wounding Junior Charles, 17, of Campden Park with intent.{{more}} He was also charged for wounding Kimron Phillips, 16, of Chauncey. Both young men exhibited maturity by forgiving the defendant and deciding not to continue with the charges.

Acting Chief Magistrate, Sharda Sinanan Bollers, told Small that “it should never be an option to pick up knifes and cutlasses to solve your problems. You have to make St Vincent and the Grenadines proud, you don’t pick up against your family members,” said the magistrate. Just last week, the Acting Magistrate imposed a suspended sentence on another youngster coming before the court.

“It is so sad to see so many young people appearing at court for these offences.”

Defense Attorney, Arthur Williams, commended both young men for their maturity. “I know that young people today are certainly being influenced by what they see on American television. When I was young, I could not even watch an older person with bad eye,” pointed out Williams.

Station Sergeant, Nigel Butcher also suggested that curfews be placed on youngsters coming to the court for such offences.