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Fisherman to stand trial for ‘Timmy’ Grant’s murder


A 21-year-old fisherman Kemeon Cozier of Paget farm, Bequia, is set to stand trial in the High Court for the March 24, 2006 murder of Timothy “Timmy” Grant, 27, also of the same address.

Cozier’s case was promoted to the High Court after Acting Chief Magistrate Sharda Sinanan Bollers found that there was sufficient evidence led against him in the Preliminary Inquiry for the matter to be heard in the High Court.{{more}}

On March 24, Grant went into a liquor shop where a pool game was in progress. It was said that Cozier had already placed his fifty cents on the table after one game was concluded when the deceased, Grant, used Cozier’s money and commenced playing pool. Cozier asked him back for his money, which he refused to.

A fight then ensued between both men. Cozier left and returned with a fish gun and shot Grant. The deceased received a wound to his back. He was taken to the Port Elisabeth Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

A date is yet to be set for the High Court hearing.