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Benjie’s lawyers beg for longer adjournment

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A simple adjournment discussion generated some heat in the Serious Offences Court in the ammunition case involving businessman and promoter Theophilus “Benjie” Cottle and his wife Janice.

“Benjie” Cottle’s lawyer Samantha Robertson was unable to attend court when the case came up for hearing on Tuesday. {{more}} Robertson’s brother and partner, Emery Robertson Jr, was making application for an adjournment to late November as Samantha Robertson was to be out of state for a period of time.

This was unacceptable to the prosecution who along with acting Chief Magistrate Sharda Bollers suggested that another lawyer in the firm of Robertson and Robertson could handle the matter in her absence. This according to Robertson Jr. was unacceptable because “special requests are made by some clients.”

He stated that “Benjie” would only want Samantha handling his case.

In the end “Benjie’s” “special request” was ignored ; the case was adjourned until October 24 with or without his preferred lawyer. “Benjie’ and his wife Janice are answering charges that they were found to have 31 rounds of nine millimeter ammunition when a raid was conducted at their residence on September 10, 2006. They are both on $10,000 bail.