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Prosecution told bring evidence by October 10


The prosecution has been given until October 10 to produce evidence against Jamaican Egbert Lewis who is charged with possession of cocaine.

When the case was called Monday, defence attorney Bertram Stapleton complained of continuing delays in bringing the case against his client who has been in jail since January.{{more}}

He said that the substance found was sent to the Forensics Science Centre in Barbados for analysis and the results have not yet been received while his client languished in jail.

“I couldn’t think of more injustice being done,” said Stapleton who argued that the Chief Justice Guidelines were being breached by the prosecution and moved that the case be dismissed.

Station Sergeant, Nigel Butcher, said that Section Ten of the Chief Justice Guidelines, provides for the prosecution to apply for further adjournments.

Acting Chief Magistrate Sharda Sinanan-Bollers granted one more adjournment and said that “We need to send out a message soon that St. Vincent and the Grenadines need a drug testing facility.”