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Labourer fined for ganja


Twenty-one-year-old labourer, Jeslon Lewis of Cedars, has to find $200 in one week or he would spend 21 days at Her Majesty’s Prison. Lewis was arrested and charged with having seventeen grams of cannabis in his possession on August 19, 2006.{{more}} He appeared last Monday at the Serious Offences Crimes Court and entered a plea of guilty.

The court heard that on August 19, 2006 that members of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) were on mobile patrol when they saw the defendant sitting on a wall with some friends at Forrester’s corner. On recognising the police, Lewis ran and took a plastic bag from his pocket and threw it away. One officer took chase and apprehended him.

When the bag was retrieved, it was found to contain seven “bombs” of cannabis in a transparent plastic bag. Lewis told the officers, “Officer, it is mine fo smoke.”