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Cannabis arrests at Victoria Park


Last Friday, August 18, 2006 the Victoria Park seemed to have been a haven for illegal activities.

At a show called “Bubblicicous” held on that same night at the park, a total of three men were arrested and charged for possession of cannabis with intent to supply to another.{{more}}

Clement Millington, 23-years-old of Glen, was arrested and charged for having 88 grams of cannabis with intent to supply to another. He pleaded guilty when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Sharda Sinanan-Bollers at a sitting of the Serious Crimes Court last Monday. He was sentenced to spend one month at Her Majesty’s Prison for his actions.

The court heard that police were carrying out routine checks on patrons entering the park. On searching Millington, a plastic bag was found wrapped around his waist containing the illegal substance.

Another person found on the wrong side of the law was Shawn Durrant, a 25-year-old labourer of Sion Hill. He was ordered to pay $250 in two days or in default, spend 21 days in prison. Durrant pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared at the Serious Crimes Court. The police found him with 25 grams of cannabis in his waist after routine checks. He replied to the officers, “is only a small smoke I have.”

Leon Daniel, a 25-year-old vendor of Glen was also arrested on that night for having 38 grams of cannabis concealed in his waist. He also pleaded guilty on his appearance at the Serious Crimes Court and was fined $300 in two days or 21 days in jail.

Prosecutor, Station Sergeant Nigel Butcher said, “When there is a show in park, patrons are just going to smoke.”

Recently, Police Commissioner, Keith Miller cracked down on the number of persons engaging in illegal activities at Heritage Square located at South River Road.

Commissioner Miller injected an increased police presence and since then there has been a decrease in the number of crimes being committed in that area. Almost every week, there were reports coming to the court of persons being in possession of cannabis.