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Man charged for driving without license


Donovan Parsons, a joiner of Lowmans Leeward appeared at the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown last Tuesday morning to answer a number of charges. He was charged with driving a motor vehicle belonging to a Police officer without his consent. His charges read, Driving without a driver’s permit; Driving without having any insurance; and Driving without due cause and caring. {{more}}

When Parsons appeared before Acting Senior Magistrate, Donald Browne, he pleaded guilty to each of the charges laid against him. He was ordered to pay $250 in one month for driving without consent or spend three months behind bars, he was also fined another $750 to be paid in one month or spend three months in jail, another $750 by two months or spend six months in prison for driving the vehicle without insurance and $750 in two months or spend three months in jail for driving without due cause and caring.

Parsons’ troubles stemmed from an incident which occurred between 11 and 12 August, 2006. The police officer parked his vehicle in the yard where the defendant’s brother-in-law resides at about 11:30 p.m. and left the key in the car. The court heard that on the following day, the defendant called his sister and told her that he had run the vehicle off the road in Vermont.

When Magistrate Browne asked the question, “Why were you driving the vehicle without permission?” he replied, “Well it have a man who have some money for me, so I say I will just borrow the vehicle and go for it.”

Before he was sentenced, Parsons showed remorse for his actions, “I am really stupid for what I did and I am truly sorry for it.”